[2016-12-22] Advanced Electric Shaver Comparison Evaluation: Braun 790cc VS Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4

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This time we will compare two high-level shavers. They have similar sales price and functions, but belong to different manufacturers.

For Braun series 7 electric shaver 790cc and Panasonic electric shaver ES-LA93-K Arc4, what are the differences between them? Which one has better shaving effect? Which one is more convenient to use? Here, we will answer a series of questions one by one.

Both shavers are hot products on the market. In terms of functionality, the work of the cutter head, or the price, they are really similar. If they are only compared in product parameters, a lot of people still have no idea how to choose.

In this comparative evaluation, we are going to compare them from many aspects, so that you will have more in-depth understanding of these two shavers.

Look at the packing boxes, Panasonic ES-LA93-K box has much larger box than Braun 790cc, but in fact, all the accessories of the two shavers are almost at the same sizes.

Product accessories:

The sizes of the two shavers are almost the same, along with the similar weights. ES-LA93-K has a good streamlined body which is more ergonomic and the feel is good on hand, while 790CC just has a little curved body which looks vertical.

Both shavers use soft plastic on the back of bodies, but 790CC uses more soft plastic and even its body side is made of soft plastic.

Through the marked information on the shaver backs (marked out in a red circle), we know that these two shavers are waterproof and can be used in the bath.

They have two charging interfaces on their backs (marked out in a blue circle). The white metal point is for contact with an automatic cleaner, as the shaver will be charged while cleaned. Another Interface can be directly connected with the power supply for charging.

Both start switches are designed in the front of the shaver body.

Below ES-LA93-K start switch is a travel lock. Pushing it up, with a word "LOCK" shown, you can lock the start switch and the shaver cannot be started any longer. However, 790CC shaver has no such function.

Once 790CC start switch is pressed, it will light up. Meanwhile, the "+", "-" two buttons at the bottom can be used to adjust the shaving strength; a total of three strength levels can be adjusted: white is the weakest, shallow Blue is mid-range, and dark blue is the strongest gear. ES-LA93-K has no the function of shaving strength adjustment.

Both shavers have a liquid crystal display. ES-LA93-K makes it designed in the body front, so slightly larger, while 790CC makes it designed at the bottom of the body.

ES-LA93-K LCD display can display the information:

1. Remaining battery, displayed in tow modes, one is to show the percentage of value, the other is to display five grids with each grid representing 20% of the electricity.

2. Each shaving time. The time will be accumulated once the shaver is activated.

3. Cutter head replacement prompt

4. Water washing status prompt

5. Charging status prompt

790CC LCD display can display the information:

1. Remaining battery, displayed in 6 grids

2. Shaver hygiene prompt, displayed in 6 grids
3. Cutter head replacement prompt

ES-LA93-K's LCD display can display more information than the 790CC.

Braun Electric Shaver 790cc and Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Cutter Head Comparison

The structure of the head is very important for the shaver, as it determines the shaving effect.

ES-LA93-K is four-head, 790CC is three-head, and their cutter heads are very similar. In addition to the mesh head that is used to cut most of the ordinary beard, there is a strip-shaped head, used to shave off some particularly short beard, marked out in the red circle.

Open the head mesh foil cover, you will see the structure inside is different. The ES-LA93-K has two relatively large cutter head mounted directly on the power shaft, while the other two heads are inside the head cover. However, 790CC cutter head is installed on the head cover, together into an integrated whole with the head mesh foil.

Although the 790CC head mesh foil is much smaller than the ES-LA93-K, the 790CC has more complex structure than the ES-LA93-K.

Both shaver cutter head base can slide up and down, but the ES-LA93-K head base can also slide around, while that of 790CC cannot slide around.

From this point of view, with my personal experience, ES-LA93-K cutter head can be more adaptable to a variety of facial curves, and can get closer to the face.

Both shavers are available with a long beard trimmer. The ES-LA93-K's long beard trimmer is designed on the cutter head, while the 790CC long trimmer is designed in the front of the body, below the cutter head. The long beard trimmers were tested in the previous evaluation ES-LA93-K long beard trimmer is not easy to use, because its large cutter head blocks parts of the sight, so it is very inconvenient to use.

Braun Electric Shaver 790cc and Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Shaving Effects Comparison

This is a concern of everyone. In the previous evaluation article, we have shown their shaving effects through real shaving, and if you want to know the real shaving effect, you can click the link here to view (Braun Electric Shaver 790cc Shaving Effect Show and Using Experience; another: Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Arc4 Shaving Effect Show and Using Experience).

This time we will not repeatedly show the shaving effect via real people, and instead, a more interesting and difficult shaving test will be performed, which is to shave kiwi fruit hair on the surface.

Why use kiwi fruit to test the shaving effect?

This is because Kiwi fruit surface has a lot of hair which is relatively similar with the beard. In addition, the fruit hair is dense, short and very soft, and the fruit surface is irregular and very hard, unlike the flexible facial skin which can be close to the shaver, so it is harder to shave the fruit hair than the beard on face.

This is not yet shaved, and next ES-LA93-K will be used to shave the left fruit, while 790CC will be used for the right fruit.

The look after shaving

You can see, the hair on the peel surface is shaved completely, and touching the fruit by hand, you can feel the peel surface is relatively smooth, basically without hair left. Both shavers have a good shaving effect.

Braun Electric Shaver 790cc and Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Automatic Cleaning Function Comparison

Both shavers are equipped with automatic cleaner, and the automatic cleaners have the same function. They can automatically clean and dry the shaver; in the cleaning process, the shavers will also be charged.

The automatic cleaners of both shavers have similar sizes and they are not complicated to use.

ES-LA93-K cleaning box is very small, along with the sponge only, without liquid. The liquid needs to be added on your own, and clean water is fine simply. The water tank locates on the back of the automatic cleaner.

The main role of the cleaning box is to use the sponge to intercept the beard in the cleaning box. The sponge contains a small amount of alcohol used to disinfect the shaver. This is the intercepted beard residue in previous evaluation.

790CC cleaning box contains liquid, so the size is relatively large. The liquid has very strong alcohol flavor, which makes the entire bathroom full of alcohol flavor when it is used. Therefore, if your family is easy to be allergic to alcohol, pay attention that the cleaning box must be taken to place with good air circulation for using. In addition, the liquid also contains a lubricant that can lubricate the cutter head.

790CC cleaning box can also intercept the beard inside, and this is the intercepted beard leftover in previous test.

Let's focus on the comparison of the cleaning effect. This is the fruit hair left on cutter head and head cover in this test.



Start cleaning, and in the cleaning process, both two automatic cleaners have relatively large sound.

Cleaning is over, and they consume almost equal time, while ES-LA93-K is relatively a little longer. Open the head and compare the cleaning effect.

The fruit hair on ES-LA93-K cutter head is cleanly completely.

However, a little fruit hair is still left on ES-LA93-K head cover (marked out in the red circle)

790CC cleaning effect is quite good, and all the fruit hair on the head and the head cover has been cleaned thoroughly.

Through the comparison, we know that ES-LA93-K cleaning effect is slightly weaker than the 790CC. However, what we tested is the cleaning of fruit hair, while fruit hair is tinier and softer than the beard, so it is a little difficult to clean. In the actual use, what we need to clean is the beard residue. The ES-LA93-K is able to clean beard residue thoroughly in previous evaluation article (click here to view: ES-LA93-K Ease of Use Evaluation).

Braun Electric Shaver 790cc and Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Other Comparison


Both shavers have relatively large noise, and ES-LA93-K is noisier than 790CC.

Cutter head heat:

ES-LA93-K heat is much higher than the 790CC.


ES-LA93-K provides a good degree of protection on the skin, and it is more comfortable than the 790CC.

Power consumption:

ES-LA93-K is a dual-motor, and power consumption is very fast. However, its vibration is smaller than the 790CC, while 790CC vibration is very large. Particularly, when the stall is at the fastest gear, you may feel numbness in your hand and the face does not feel very comfortable.


ES-LA93-K has two motors, four heads; 790CC has only one motor, three heads. Although the two shavers have very different design in cutter heard, they have similar shaving effect. If your face is relatively large with whiskers, you can consider the use of ES-LA93-K; if your face is relatively small, you can consider using 790CC.

If you often use shaving foam, or use the shaver in the bath, then the ES-LA93-K in comfort is better, and its protection to the skin is also very good; if you often use the shaver directly when your face is dry, then 790CC is better than the ES-LA93-K, because ES-LA93-K releases a lot of heat, and without water to take away the heat, it is easy to damage the skin.

The cleaning function of both shavers can achieve the same cleaning effect in general, but comprehensively, ES-LA93-K has weaker cleaning function than 790CC, while the gap is just a little.

790CC battery capacity is very large. In use, we found that when the two shavers are fully charged, the use time of 790CC ES-LA93-K can be twice longer! If you often need to go to another city, it is strongly recommended that you use the 790CC.

Disadvantages of both shavers: they have relatively large noise. Whether in the shaving process, or while using the automatic cleaner, both their noises are relatively large.

In the using cost, ES-LA93-K is relatively cheaper, with low replacement frequency. 790CC's cleaning box is more expensive, and the replacement frequency is high.

After reading these, I believe you must have had a more in-depth understanding of the two shavers. In general, the two shavers have the same shaving effect. In different circumstances, they may have different effect. Just choose your own right shaver according to the using environment and your habit.

If you have any questions, or would like to know some other aspects, please leave a message. We will keep the product purchased, and are always ready for you to answer any questions about the product.
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