[2016-08-15] Braun 7 series replacement head: Teach you how to judge whether the Braun series 7 790cc head needs to be replaced

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Braun series 7 790cc cutter head is a whole. The blade cannot be changed alone, but that the entire head along with the mesh foil should be replaced together. Here is a picture to show the entire cutter head:

Braun Series 7 70S Replacement Parts - 70S model, is a common Braun 7 series replacement head suitable to use on the following shavers: 790cc, 790cc-3, 790cc-4, 790cc-5, 790cc-7,795cc-3.

1. According to the message given by the machine, replace the cutter head

Inside Braun series 7 790cc, there is a small calculator which can record the using time and other information to comprehensively judge whether the cutter head should be replaced. The official gives a recommendation that the cutter head approximately needs to be replaced every 18 months.

When you need to replace the shaver cutter head, the LCD screen at the bottom of the shaver will give a prompt: replace.

This picture shows no prompt:

This picture shows a prompt:

After the replacement of the cutter head, such as a Braun 7 series replacement head, press the Reset button with a small stick for about 3 to 5 seconds to complete the reset, and there will be no more replacement reminder message displayed at the bottom.

The Reset button is at the bottom of the front of the shaver, as shown below:

Of course, if you feel that your cutter head is still very sharp, no need to change, you can also press the Reset button to eliminate this prompt.

The above method for determining cutter head replacement, is based on the accumulated using time of the machine. I personally feel that this method is appropriate for most people, but it may not be completely accurate because the hardness of each person's beard and the frequency of use are not the same. If the beard or mustache grows fast and is relatively hard, the cutter head may be worn more easily and the using time will be shortened greatly; if the beard grows slowly or is softer, the cutter head can be used for a long time, even more than 18 months.

2. According to your own feeling, determine whether you need to replace the head

The most straightforward approach is based on your own feelings:

1. The time you take to complete a shave is more than before.
2. After the beard is shaved, there are a lot of beard roots left over, and the whole chin still looks a bit dark.
3. During the shaving process, the beard is often pulled.

If the above occurs, the shaving head should be replaced then.

I personally make the judgment based on my feeling, because I prefer to believe in intuitive thing. Braun shaver is done very well, and if your cutter head is normal, the three cases mentioned above will rarely occur; In particular, the third case will not happen basically, and if it does happen, it means your cutter head is broken and must be replaced.

You can have a look at Braun cutter head design structure through this article "Braun Cutter Head Structure Details", and then you'll know why I prefer to determine whether a cutter head replacement is needed according to one's own feeling.
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