[2016-08-01] (Ⅲ) Braun 790cc, comfort test, noise, battery capacity, heat and other data acquisition, braun razor review: 790cc is the best braun shaver

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Braun series 7 790cc review articles:

1. Static detailed introduction: "(I) Braun 790cc - Static Detailed Introduction, Showing and Explaining Some Major Parts of the Product"

2. Product performance and using experience, evaluated by real shaving: "(Ⅱ) Braun 790CC - Real Shaving Tests and Using Experience"

3. Product comfort evaluation, including: heat and noise at work and battery capacity, etc.: "(Ⅲ) Braun 790CC - Product Comfort Evaluation"

In two previous articles, braun series 7 790cc-4 is given a detailed introduction and evaluation. I believe you have known more about braun series 7 790cc-4. In this article, we will test the comfort of using 790CC.

A good shaver should not only has good shaving function, but also provide comfortable sensation, so as to bring users a good experience.

We will make the following evaluation on braun 790CC:

1. Working noise
2. In the working state, the temperature of the foil
3. Battery capacity
4. Immersion test

Braun series 7 790cc-4 working noise value

The shaver is relatively close to the ears when we use it, so if it makes big noise at work, we will feel uncomfortable.

First, we test the noise values of the surrounding environment: 38.9 dB

Then, start the shaver, and put the tester on the side. This time the noise value we get is: 73.5 dB

Reference: Noise level of less than 60 is harmless area, 60-110 is mild disturbance, and more than 110 is harmful to hearing. So the general noise level should be less than 60 decibels. In ordinary life, if the noise level is very high, but just listen for a short time, it would not have a hearing impairment.

Seen from the figure, the working noise value of 790CC is not high, and we generally use a shaver no more than 5 minutes, so this is in the acceptable range.

Braun series 7 790cc-4 working temperature value

This is the temperature of the surrounding environment, 29.5℃

We start the shaver, and keep the motor continuously working for 10 minutes. The value obtained is: 30.2℃

Since there is no shave, without contact with the skin, the actual temperature will be slightly higher than this value. In the last real shaving evaluation (click here to view), the tester gave a final summary: after continuously shaving more than 5 minutes, the temperature of the foil is a little hot and people do not feel comfortable; this is the aspect with which he is not satisfied about 790CC.

Braun series 7 790cc-4 battery capacity

We make the shaver fully charged, and then test the continuous running time.

This is how it looks like when fully charged

Then a long period of evaluation begins. The shaver is started, and then placed until the shaver motor cannot run any more.

Shaver start time is: 11:20 am

It is so cool! At 17:48 in the afternoon, the shaver still has 1 grid power. Since the test has last as long as six and a half hours, the buzzing sounds of the shaver makes me feel a bit uneasy, so I am not going to wait until the shaver power is completely consumed. I guess with the remaining power, it can continue to run for 2 hours.

So we see that Braun series 7 790cc-4 in a fully charged state, runs a total of six and a half hours, with 1 grid power remained, which looks good. In actual use, continuous working time will drop, because when shaving there will be more resistance.

We have to say, Braun series 7 790cc-4 has very large battery capacity.

Braun series 7 790cc-4 washed state

According to Braun official propaganda, 790CC can be used in the shower, which is great. Washing you face while shaving, is very comfortable, because the water will take away the heat, and it also plays a role of lubrication, so as to avoid the skin being red.

Start the shaver and completely soak it in water. The shaver can still work normally, so it is really well done in waterproof performance. Sometimes having a shave while bathing, is indeed a kind of enjoyment, because the water can not only take away the heat, but also reduce the friction between the foil and the skin, so as to protect the skin better.


At this point, our evaluation of Braun series 7 790cc-4 is ended. In general, 790CC did a good job in the shaving function, but there are some defects in some details (eg: noise, and temperature control), imperfectly. However, the temperature control can be compensated in the way of wet shaving.

I hope this information is useful to you all.
We will continue to make a long-term tracking evaluation of this shaver in the future, and do our best to share with you the most useful information.
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