[2016-08-01] (Ⅱ) Braun 790cc real shaving experience, the best Braun electric shavers: braun series 7 790cc-4 review

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Braun series 7 790cc review articles:

1. Static detailed introduction: "(I) Braun 790cc - Static Detailed Introduction, Showing and Explaining Some Major Parts of the Product"

2. Product performance and using experience, evaluated by real shaving: "(Ⅱ) Braun 790CC - Real Shaving Tests and Using Experience"

3. Product comfort evaluation, including: heat and noise at work and battery capacity, etc.: "(Ⅲ) Braun 790CC - Product Comfort Evaluation"

This article is divided into three steps:
  • Real shaving test

  • Automatic cleaning system test

  • Tester's experience and evaluation

Braun series 7 790cc real shaving test

Particularly for this test, the tester has not shaved for a long time! ! !

Take a look before shaving

For the contrast, in the test, only the beard on the right side will be shaved, while that of the other side will be left.

From right to left, the tester slowly pushes the shaver. (During the shaving, the beard is found to be too long, and it is hard to shave. So the tester cut it short a little bit.)

This is the result of the first shaving, and it does not seem to be completely shaved. There are still some long beards left over.

Then repeat the operation to continue the second shaving. At this time, most of the long beards have been shaved off, but some short beards still remain.

After the third shaving, it seems all the beards have been shaved off, leaving only black bead roots.

Finally, use a little force to make the shaver and skin fit tight, and move the shaver up and down, left and right, to shave the beard roots completely. You may have a look at the contrast, and the effect looks pretty good.

The next test comes to the long beard trimmer. In order to test whether the trimmer can trim beard precisely, the tester intends to trim the beard on his chin.

This is the beard before trimming, and we will trim the beard on the right side.

After trimming, it looks good. There is an obvious area over the trimmed beard, and the line is very clear to separate the two sides. So it seems, the trimmer is capable of styling beard.

After trimming all the beards:

As you can see, after the trimming, only bushy beard roots are left, and they are not long.

Then, with the entire remaining beard completely shaved, the effect is as follows:

The feeling is good. In just one minute, the entire beard can be shaved completely. Overall, there is no longer a mass of thick black stubble left on the face.

By the way, go further on testing whether the automatic self-cleaning center can clean the shaver.

Automatic cleaning bucket using effect

First remove the shaver head mesh foil, and have a look at the stubble inside

The stubble inside is very small. As the stubble almost has the same size as dust, they have been stuck to each other. This indicates the shaver has good shaving result, because only fast-moving shaver head and well-designed foil can do that.

Here is the supporting detergent. When opened, there is a very strong odor of alcohol, so it seems the detergent contains sterilization function. In addition, it also has a hint of lemon flavor.

Put the detergent into the base of the cleaning bucket, place the shaver into the automatic cleaning bucket, and then start the cleaning system. By the way, during the cleaning process, the shaver can be automatically charged.

The cleaning buckets will automatically start the shaver head, and then eject cleaning fluid to the head.

The automatic cleaning bucket, in addition to clean the shaver, also has drying function, so after cleaning is completed, the shaver will be dried.

Let's look at the effect after cleaning. At the bottom of the washing liquid, there is some black stubble which is cleaned out from the shaver head.

You can see now, the previous new cleaning fluid without any dust contains some stubble at the bottom. Before that, I even suspected that whether the cleaning function is comparable to the manual washing effect. It seems I was wrong, because the cleaning effect of its cleaning function is indeed better than the manual cleaning.

The cleaning is finished. Opening the shaver head mesh foil cover, let's check whether there is residual stubble. You can see there is no stubble, and it is cleaned thoroughly. Meanwhile, no water stains inside, so the automatic drying function of the cleaning bucket also has very good effect.

One thing worthy of recognition is, although the detergent has a strong odor of alcohol, after cleaning, the head does not have much smell of alcohol, and there is also some lemon odor.

Braun series 7 790cc use summary

Shaving performance

The shaver is not as perfect as it is imagined. Perhaps my expectation is too high. In the shaving test, after the first shave, a lot of long beard and short beard still remained. Until the third time, most beards could be shaved then, and it required shaving for multiple times in order to completely shave the entire beard.

It is worth mentioning that, after several shaving, the beard indeed is completely shaved, and beard roots are also shaved a lot, so from the overall look, the face is no longer full of dark beard roots.

After the completion of shaving, the skin is not red, but unfortunately, the temperature control is not very good, as the shaver head foil feels a little hot. Although it is not very hot, it does not make you feel uncomfortable.

Braun series 7 790cc is not a professional beard styling machine, but in addition to trim long hair, the long hair trimmer with its precise trimming feature, can also do some less complex beard styling.

In the shaving experience, this shaver has both advantages and disadvantages, but the disadvantage is not so serious, which is acceptable. We buy a shaver to shave the beard cleanly, and 790CC did it!

Automatic cleaning function

The cleaning is very good, along with drying function and automatic charging during the process, so I like this self-cleaning bucket very much. The only drawback is that the detergent is a little expensive, and I wish it will be cheaper in the future, ha-ha.

That's all for the product performance testing, and hope this information is useful for everyone. If you have any questions, you can leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

In addition, we have the last part of the evaluation for braun series 7 790cc: comfort evaluation. It is about measuring noise, heat, battery capacity. In order to ensure accurate data, personal feeling is no longer used, all the data is measured by machine in order to obtain accurate values. If you are interested, you can click to view: (Ⅲ) Braun 790CC - Product Comfort Evaluation
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