[2016-08-01] (I) Braun 790cc Static Detailed Introduction - Best Electric Shaver: Braun Series 7 Review

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There are many models of electric shavers now on the market. Then how to choose a suitable shaver of your own? Today, we will test a shaver which is suitable for most people: Braun series 7 790cc-4.

The purchased product model: Braun 790cc-4. We will have a detailed analysis on it, totally through three parts:

1. Static detailed introduction: "(I) Braun 790cc - Static Detailed Introduction, Showing and Explaining Some Major Parts of the Product"

2. Product performance and using experience, evaluated by real shaving: "(Ⅱ) Braun 790CC - Real Shaving Tests and Using Experience"

3. Product comfort evaluation, including: heat and noise at work and battery capacity, etc.: "(Ⅲ) Braun 790CC - Product Comfort Evaluation"

Here we begin the static detailed introduction which contains the following sections:

  • 1. Shaver body appearance

  • 2. Braun series 7 replacement head detail

  • 3. Automatic cleaning system

  • 4. External accessories

The product contains these components: a Braun 790cc-4 electric shaver, a fully automatic cleaning center, a box of cleaning fluid, a hard case pouch, a cleaning brush, a dedicated power line, a product description, an after sales service card

Shaver body appearance

With this shaver on hand for the first time, it feels very heavy. Its back uses soft plastic, so it will not be easy to slip in hand. The hand feeling is quite good.

Soft plastic is applied in the black part of the back, so even held on hand for rinsing in water, it will not slip.

There is a small light in the middle of the power switch. On both sides are two buttons of "-" and "+" signs which are used to change levels and adjust the shaver head vibration frequency. And the small light in the middle will display different colors according to the variable levels.

There are three levels to be adjusted:

1st level, white color, at the slowest speed

2nd level, light blue, slightly faster than the first level

3rd level, dark blue, at the highest speed

There are large differences among the levels, and the vibration frequency significantly increases, which can make people have different feelings.

The LCD screen at the bottom, can prompt charging and indicate the remaining battery (6 levels), detailed health status (6 levels) and mesh foil replacement.

In the back of the shaver there are two charging ports. The two white metal particles above can be used for charging via automatic cleaning system, and the charging port at the bottom is dedicated for charging via power supply.

Braun series 7 replacement head details

Shaver head is the most important part, because it determines the shaving effect of a shaver. Hence, let's focus on the structure of 790CC shaver head now.

The entire shaver head can slide; such kind of design allows the foil to better fit the face, especially the chin.

Of course, if you do not want it to slide, you can push back the "LOCK" button aside to make it fixed.

Next, look at the foil on the top:

There are three heads. The foils on both sides are used to shave the short beard, and the middle head is used to cut the long beard. This design provides better shaving results.

The foil holes have quite good density on both sides, so they feels very smooth. The middle head is also doing very well, which looks very sophisticated. This is Braun's "ActiveLift momentum hair lifting technology" which can capture the beard in difficult shaving parts.

The foils on both sides and the middle head are all flexible.

Next, I remove the shaver head cap. Through the "release" button aside, it can be removed easily.

We turn it over, and see that the internal structure is very complex. Such complex structure enables Braun 790CC to have intelligent sonic technology to produce 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, which can be adapted to the user's facial contours, with automatic readjustment according to the beard density.

Braun 790CC also provides a trimmer which can accurately repair beard and sideburns, and you may trim your own beard styling. There is a switch "trimmer" at the top of the power button; push it up, and the trimmer will pop up.

Automatic cleaning system

Braun 790cc automatic cleaning system, provides cleaning, drying, and charging functions, all of which is totally automated, without human intervention. You may simply place the shaver into the automatic cleaning bucket, and then gently press the start button.

The big button in the middle, is cleaning start button
The three small lights on the left are the remaining cleaning liquid level indicators
The four small lights on the right are the dry heat indicators

The button aside is a switch to open the bottom, and the cleaning liquid is stored here.

The back has a dedicated power cable interface

The hole in red box is a water spout that can spray and wash the cleaning liquid, while the hole in blue box is the guide nozzle that can direct the cleaning liquid back into the base box.

This is the cleaning fluid. The liquid inside, in addition to the cleaning function, also has bactericidal effect.

The rest of the external device

Dedicated power supply, can automatically adapt to the global voltage. No matter which country you are in, it can be used.

The shaver box, is rather hard, able to better protect the shaver.

Instruction manual

Probably that's it for the static introduction. The next article is about the test on product performance. Through real shaving for the evaluation, we will give actual reports about the shaver on the shaving effect, as well as using experience during the shaving. Click to view the article: "(Ⅱ) Braun 790CC - Real Shaving Test and Using Experience"
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