[2017-01-04] Braun Series 3 Electric Shaver 340s-4 User Experience

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The product purchased this time is: Braun series 3 electric shaver 340s-4, and it is the first to evaluate Braun series 3 electric shaver. According to my statistics, many people prefer the Braun brand while buying electric shavers. Herein series 3 is chosen for this evaluation, because this series of shavers are affordable and not expensive; people who haven’t ever used Braun shaver can have a try on the big international brand of product, without spending too much money.

We will introduce this shaver with various aspects of information, from product packaging, function introduction, the use of experience, to the after-use summary.

Product use: brand-new, at the first use.

The packaging box is relatively small compared to other shavers.

Product accessories list:

1. Braun shaver 340s-4
2. Shaver cap
3. Shaver support base
4. Charging power supply
5. Cutter head lubricant
6. Cleaning brush
7. Instruction manual

The shaver has a general appearance, but the colors match well and the blue appearance looks very stylish. The use of a large area of piano paint materials in the front makes it look pretty high-grade. There is also a high / low ("+" and "-") power indicator in the front.

The shaver uses a large area of soft plastic on both sides, so slip resistance is very good while holding it in my hand.

Braun shaver 340s-4 has three heads, and they can be tilted in different directions. The cutter heads on both sides are responsible for shaving most beards, while the middle head in special shape is used to lift and cut those particularly short beards.

However, the entire cutter head base is connected with the body, so the base cannot be tilted slightly. Well, it is fine for a product at this price, as generally only the advanced shaver will have this structure, and the benefits of this structure is to allow the shaver mesh foil to fit the curve of the face as much as possible, so as to achieve better shaving effect. This feature exists in several shavers we have evaluated before, especially Philips and Panasonic shavers, the entire cutter head base of which can tilt very casually. If you are interested you can read related articles about their evaluations.

1 Braun Electric Shaver 790CC-4
2 Panasonic Electric Shaver Es-La93-K
3 Philips Electric Shaver 1150x-40

Well, back to our evaluation product, continue to see Braun shaver 340s-4 cutter head internal structure. After being disassembled, it appears that, three plastic pillars are used for power transmission, while each pillar is supported by soft spring, so the head can have a very good flexibility.

Then look at the cutter head cover which is integrated with the head. The structure inside the cover is not complicated, and there is no spring support. The senior shavers (Braun series 7 electric shaver 790CC and Panasonic electric shaver es-la93-k) evaluated previously have more complex cutter head; in addition to the spring for power transmission shaft, the cutter head under the head cover is also supported by spring.

Next, let's test the actual shaving effect of Braun shaver 340s-4.

Shaving method: Shave directly on dry face; do not use any shaving foam or skin care products.

Shaving experience:

1. While starting shaving, the noise is a little big.
2. Cutter head vibration is a bit large; while shaving the face felt a relatively large vibration.
3. Cutter head mesh foil does not release heat too much.
4. The face does not feel pain or itch.
5. After shaving the beard, the skin below the lips appears a little redness.

Shaving effect:

1. Most parts of the face are shaved very cleanly, without stabbed feeling while touching the beard with the hand.
2. As the cutter head base cannot be tilted even slightly, so it needs more time to repeatedly shave the beard on the parts where are difficult to shave, such as the parts around the chin and lower lip, especially the lower lip. Although the beard on the surface can be shaved flat, the shaving is not in depth enough. With a closer look, a lot of beard roots leftover can be seen obviously, but fortunately it is not obvious from a distance.

From the beard residue left on the cutter head and mesh foil, the beard dregs have become powder-like, indicating that the head can shave off very short beard.

Since there are beard residues on the cutter head, then we will test whether it can be cleaned by washing. The operations are: starting the shaver, and then rinse the head with water.

Rinse with water for 20 seconds; the effect is as follows:

Long beard trimmer: the long beard trimmer is designed in the back of the shaver. The button is very large, almost occupying the entire back. It is very easy to use.

In addition, from the mark at the bottom, we can know that this shaver can be used in the bath. It supports the wet shave, but this does not mean you can put the whole shaver into the water, because this shaver is not entirely waterproof!

Braun series 3 electric shaver 340s-4 ease of use

Braun shaver 340s-4 does not provide switch lock function, but the head cover design is very smart, with which this function can be achieved. As can be seen from the figure below, the front cover is very long, which just makes the switch covered, so as to prevent starting the shaver by a mistake.

According to official propaganda, this shaver battery supports fast charge which can get the battery full charged in 1 hour. In the evaluation process, we tested it, and it is indeed the case. And we use it for nearly 20 minutes, and did not find significant power consumption, so this shaver battery capacity should be relatively large.

The two charging methods are very convenient: one is to charge the shaver via support base, while the other is to directly connect with the shaver body. It means, when traveling, you do not need to take this additional support base.

The equipped lubricants can make your cutter head be used longer.


1. This shaver has very beautiful design in terms of appearance. The shape is very simple, and the blue body and smooth shaver body make it look very stylish and upscale.

2. Overall, the shaving effect is also OK, but since only the cutter mesh foil is flexible, and the whole head is fixed in the shaver body, and cannot be swung slightly, it cannot fit the face very well. For the parts that are difficult to shave, you need to shave back and forth for a few times. On the contrary, the entire head structure of Philips electric shaver 1150x is pretty well-designed, and the head can be substantially swung. Surely, the price is a little expensive than Braun shaver 340s-4. You can read the shaver evaluation article: Philips norelco 6100 electric shaver 1150x review. Moreover, there is another cheaper shaver which can fit the face very well with very good shaving effect. However, it has fewer features, so it is not very convenient to use. This is a shaver focused on the shaving function, and it is Philips norelco shaver 6948xl-41. Here is related evaluation article: Philips norelco Shaver 6948xl-41 review.

3. Being more convenient to use, Braun shaver 340s-4 supports wet shaving, so you can use it in the bath. You can also wash the head with water, but the shaver is not fully waterproof!

4. The battery can be quickly charged and durable.

5. The shaver itself is not large, and the body has a charging interface. The equipped head cover, can protect both the head and the start button to prevent the wrong starting of the shaver.

In general, this shaver is cheap, and it has many useful features. The only downside is that the entire cutter head cannot be swung slightly.

At the cheap price, with so many useful features, it is a cost-effective shaver.
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