[2016-12-06] (I) Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Details, Including the Display and Introduction of Cutter Head Details, Various Shaver Body Parts, and All Products Accessories

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The shaver mode for this evaluation is: ES-LA93-K, is a high-level Panasonic shaver. This product has two motors, and a unique four-head design, and the angle between blade and mesh foil is 30 degrees, which provides more in-depth shaving of beard root. The body has a liquid crystal display; in addition, it also comes with an automatic cleaning system. So it seems, ES-LA93-K is not only powerful, but also very convenient to use. In actual use, is it the way in the end? Let us take a look at it.

Product use: new, the first use.

The package received looks very large first. Put out the box, and it is indeed large. The shaver packing box is much larger than the average.

Simply have a comparison with Braun 790cc shaver which has similar functionality (we compared the shaving effect of the two shavers in another article: Braun 790cc vs. Panasonic ES-LA93-K)

The product inside is double-packed.

Product accessories list:

One ES-LA93-K shaver (with cutter head protection cap)
One artificial leather bag
Automatic cleaning system
Cleaning solution
One power adapter
Product Manual

This is all the product accessories. Wait, I feel like something is missing. Well, a clean brush is missing! I turned out the whole packing box, and found no clean brush. However, I found a groove in the box and it has just the right size to put a clean brush (the red circle marked out below), so I'm not sure whether this shaver is not equipped with a clean brush, or it is lost during delivery.

May be the large box just confused me; in fact, this shaver is not large, and it is very suitable to take in the hand, but it feels relatively heavy. The protective cover on cutter head provides a good protection for the shaver head.

The shaver body has two buttons and a LCD screen. The above button is the start switch, while the following button is travel lock. By pushing up the travel lock, you can see the word "Lock" to lock the switch. Then the shaver cannot be started right now.

The bottom LCD shows the following information:

1. Remaining battery percentage
2. Each shaving time
3. Charging indicator
4. Shaver head replacement indicator
5. Cleaning status
6. Charging power indicator grid

There are three metal contacts on the back of shaver body. When the shaver is put into the cleaning bucket, these metal points are utilized for charging and controlling the shaver. In order to better clean the residue inside the cutter head, the cleaning system will start the shaver while spraying the cleaning fluid.

At the bottom there is an icon suggesting that this shaver is waterproof, and can be used in the bath. It's great! I think it is a pleasure to shave while having a bath, and the skin is better protected with wet face.

The bottom is also the charging interface which can connect the power adapter to charge.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K head detail

This is the more important parts of a shaver. The design of the head structure, determines the value of a shaver.

This shaver has four heads:

1. The two structures aside are the same.

2. The one in the middle is also mesh foil structure, it has smaller holes, and the internal blade structure is not the same.

3. The design structure of the rest is obviously not the same as the other three. The role of this cutter head is to lift and shave short beard, so as to avoid the leftover of black beard roots.

Each of the four heads has independent spring support and can be tilted in different directions.

By holding the black button on both sides of the base of the shaver head, the entire head cover can be removed. The ES-LA93-K has two motors, each of which rotates 14,000 times per minute, and each motor controls one master bit.

And each motor protrudes a plastic rod, used to drive the two heads in the head cover.

The two heads inside the cutter head cover, have different head design structure from the two main heads.

The entire shaver head base can slide not only up and down, but also left and right a little bit, which makes the shaver blade more closely fit the face.

Slide up and down

Slide left and right

If you want to lock the entire base to stop it from sliding, you can find a lock button in the back of the shaver body. Push it up to lock the base.

If you continue to push it up once more, you can use the long beard trimmer, while the entire shaver head base will also be locked and cannot slide.

In my view, the long beard trimmer is a bit short in design, and I don't feel it is easy to use. Meanwhile, the huge head base affects the line of sight.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K other accessories

Artificial leather bag, looks good-quality, without unpleasant odor.

Automatic cleaning system. As about the ES-LA93-K's automatic cleaning system, there are more details of using process in the third article. In our testing, we found that the shaver's cleaning system has more humane design, along with good functionality. You are recommended to read the article: "Test Report On Use of Convenience of the Panasonic ES-LA93-K".

A box of cleaning fluid. There is a sponge inside to intercept the beard.

AC adapter, AC 100-240V (international automatic dual voltage conversion), universal (Note: This power is a bit heavy; so far, in all the shavers I have reviewed, this shaver charger is the heaviest. I guess there are a lot of copper wires inside the charger, maybe in order to achieve rapid charging function, so that the battery with large capacity can be fully charged within 1 hour.)

Product Manual

It is all about ES-LA93-K. As whether it performs like what the manufacturer advertises with good shaving effect and comfort, we will conduct a real test to see if that is true. Click here to read: "(II) Panasonic ES-LA93-K Real Shaving Evaluation".
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