[2016-10-24] (I) Philips Norelco 6100 Electric Shaver Function Evaluation: Philips Norelco 1150x Review

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The product purchased for evaluation this time is: Philips norelco 6100 electric shaver - 1150x. This product sells well among many Philips shaver products; at inexpensive price, it also includes some advanced technologies, such as, GyroFlex 2D, fast charge and three independent rotating head, etc. Hence, we decide to choose this shaver for evaluation.

First, we start with function evaluation: displaying some major parts of the product, and explaining the various functions of the product.

Product use: a brand-new product, the initial use.

Packing box

The product includes the following accessories:

Philips norelco shaver 1150x
Charging base
Long beard trimmer
Head protective cap
Clean the brush
External power supply
Product Instruction Manual

Philips norelco shaver 1150x body appearance

My first feeling to this shaver is that it is very fashionable. It has very beautiful appearance, and well-designed streamlined body shape. Meanwhile, the several surrounded lines are made of the soft plastic, which makes you feel good holding it on hand, without easily letting it slip. The weight of the product itself is also very appropriate and makes you feel good to pick it up.

Maybe for the overall visual effects, the designer uses a soft shell to cover the switch button. The switch button is soft, and you can press it down. (Hence, I remind everyone here, a lot of people online say that the start switch of this shaver is touch-type, which actually is wrong; in fact, its switch is a physical button, and you can see through the following picture. The switch is soft and can be pressed down. I am a bit worried about that the soft shell might be broken after a long time; I hope this situation will not occur.)

Under the switch, there is a power travel lock indicator. When you hold down the switch for 5 seconds or so, the indicator light flashes a few times, indicating a successful lock. At this time, if the travel lock is not unlocked, the shaver will not be able to start. If you attempt to start the shaver without unlocking the travel lock, the light will flash to indicate that the device is locked.

To unlock the travel lock is very simple. Just hold down the switch for 5 seconds or so, until the indicator light flashes, and it's done.

At the bottom there are two indicators:

On the left is the charge indicator, which flashes during charging and when fully charged.

On the right is the battery indicator. When the shaver is too low to start the shaver, if you try to start the shaver, it will flash to indicate that you are supposed to charge.

This is how it looks when charging.

Philips norelco shaver 1150x head detail

The shaver has three heads, and each head can also be tilted to a different angle. According to official propaganda, it not only has the GyroFlex2D technology to shave beard root deeply, but also can closely fit the face curve to easily shave off beard.

The following is a dynamic graph of the tilting of the three heads.

And the entire head base supported by a tube that can be tilted slightly, can be tilted in different directions. Coupled with the tilting of the three heads, most parts of the face can be closely fit basically.

The three heads can be replaced. By vertical upward lifting, the head can be pulled out.

Turning the cap over, you can see that each shaver head is supported by a small spring, which is why the three heads can be tilted in different directions.

The entire head base can also be removed, by simply vertically lifting it up.

If you want to trim a long beard, you can install the long beard trimmer on the main interface of the shaver. I personally think this is a bit of trouble. This shaver does not like other types of shavers that have the trimmers integrated, but requires the removal and installation to use the long trimmer. Perhaps this is a concession to the GyroFlex 2D technology.

Philips norelco shaver 1150x accessories

The dedicated power supply (which can automatically adapt to the global voltage (100V - 240V), and can be used no matter which country you are in), needs the charging base to use, because the shaver itself does not provide direct connection interface with the power. I am not satisfied with this point.

Shaver head cap, provides very good protection for the shaver head.

Cleaning brush

Product Manual

This is probably some function instructions of the Philips norelco shaver 1150x. The next article is: "(II) Philips norelco shaver 1150x - The Ease of Use Evaluation, and Evaluation summary". In the article, some equipment will be applied to evaluate the ease of use of the product. The test items include: whether the shaver is easy to clean, the noise size during using. Finally, there will be a general review of the product, summing up the advantages and disadvantages of the product, as well as the suitable crowd of the product.
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