[2016-12-06] (II) A Shaver for Big Beard: Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Real Shaving Evaluation

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In this article, we are going to have an actual evaluation on the shaving effect of ES-LA93-K. The evaluation is divided into two parts:

1. Shaving effect display
2. Tester's personal experience and a summary of this shaver

Here, the functions or use methods of the shaver will no longer be introduced, because in the previous article, we have given detailed Introduction on each function and some external accessories of ES-LA93-K. You can click here to read: (I) Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Details, Including the Display and Introduction of Cutter Head Details, Various Shaver Body Parts, and All Products Accessories

OK, nothing else, it will just be a waste of time. Let's begin immediately.

Shaving effect display

First here is a picture to show the beard kept for 4 days:

Begin to shave beard on the right side, while the left side is kept for contrast.

In about 30 seconds or so, the beard on the right side is shaved.

And then the beard on the left side is also shaved. The picture shows that, this shaver can shave a lot of beard roots. From a distance, there is no black phenomenon on face due to the leftover of numerous beard roots. The skin feels smooth, without pricking the hand.

Next, trim the upper beard with the long beard trimmer. This is before trimming:

Trim off the right beard:

By contrast, the long beard trimmer can cut short the beard, which means, the long beard trimmer of this shaver can accurately control the shaving effect.

Trim the beard on the left side, as well. It looks pretty good.

Finally, use the shaving function to shave the entire beard thoroughly.

The front

The bottom of the chin

The side

In general, the shaving is quite clean. It is good.

Use feelings and summary

ES-LA93-K power is very strong. It has two motors at very high speed, and the speed of each motor is 14,000 rpm per minute. However, being held on hand, its vibration is not large, which is a bit beyond my expectation, as such a high speed used in reciprocating shaver, will cause a relatively large vibration, which is normal. But, ES-LA93-K is well controlled at this point, and it does not have obvious vibration in the hand. During shaving, the face does not feel uncomfortable with vibration.

Four head design, is indeed very good. After shaving beard, from a distance, the face does not show "partial black phenomenon" due to the leftover of numerous beard roots. However, the skin is of a little redness, because in the shaving process, I can clearly feel the large heat released by cutter head. Perhaps it is due to the high-speed rotation and four head, it really releases more heat than other shavers (No use of any skin care products during the test, and no use of water for wet shaving; perhaps wet shaving can solve the problem of large heat).

The cutter head of the long beard trimmer is well made to accurately cut the beard. However, because the shaver head base is too large, and the long beard trimmer is designed in the back of the head base, resulting in blocking of line of sight. This causes inconvenience in the actual use. Therefore, due to structural design problems, although the long beard trimmer has good cutter head, it is inconvenient to use, which is a pity.

Finally, one more important point is that after testing this shaver, the shaver cutter head is found to be relatively large, so it has large contact area with the face; in fact, this shaver is more suitable for people who have big beard on face, for example: people who have whiskers.

In general, the shaving effect is good, and it is somehow comfortable. But its long beard trimmer is not good enough.

So far, the test on shaving functions is finished. Then, here comes the last part of the evaluation on ES-LA93-K shaver this time. If you are interested, you can click to read: (III) About Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Easy of Use Report, Automatic Cleaning System Display, and Final Evaluation Summary.
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