[2016-10-24] (II) Philips Norelco 6100 Electric Shaver Ease of Use Evaluation, and Evaluation Summary (Including: a Variety of Daily Convenience, Run-time Noise, and the Final Evaluation Summary): Philips Norelco 1150x Review

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In the previous article, the function of Philips norelco shaver 1150x is given a detailed description. In this article, we will do some additional evaluation on 1150x, including the ease of use and run-time noise value generated. Then, we will carry out the final evaluation summary, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of this shaver as far as possible.

1. Shaver head

From the icon on the back of the shaver, we can see that this shaver supports the wet shave. You can use it in the bath, but this does not mean that you can completely soak the shaver into water; otherwise, it will cause the damage to the internal circuitry of the shaver.

Although this shaver supports wet shaving, it does not support washing, because the water may get inside the shaver from the shaver base interface (as shown in the red circle marked out). If you want to clean the head, you can remove the entire shaver head base, and put it back after cleaning. I feel this cleaning method is not convenient.

In addition, since the shaver, in order to achieve a better shaving effect, allows the entire shaver head base to have small tilt in all directions, it utilizes a soft material to connect the head base and shaver rotating tube. The following figure shows the location of the soft connecting tube.

However, this structure design, also brings inconvenience to the use of the long beard trimmer. If you want to trim long beard, you must pull out the head base first, and then install the long beard trimmer.

But it is worth mentioning that, the installed long beard trimmer is very easy to use, because the trimming head is toward the back of the shaver, and it can trim some parts that are difficult to trim. I feel it is much better than the long beard trimmer that is directly integrated in the shaver.

It should be noted that the long trimmer is not connected with shaver rotator by the soft tube, so the long beard trimmer cannot be tilted like the shaver head.

2. Batteries

In the speed of charge, it supports fast charging, and can be used for 40 minutes after 1 hour charging, which is good. When I just got this shaver, it had no electricity. Then it is charged for 5 minutes, and found to be able to run continuously 3 minutes or so. This feature is very helpful for those people who have urgent time but forgot to charge the shaver.

The shaver charging interfaces locate on both sides of the shaver body. The two metal points are the charging contact points. There are corresponding charging contact points on both sides of the charging base.

The charging base can be folded up. At the bottom of the rear, there is an interface which is used to connect the dedicated charger cable.

This is the only way to charge the shaver, because the shaver body does not have an interface to connect with the charger cable, which I think is not very convenient to use. Nevertheless, shavers from other manufacturers can be charged not only through charging base, but also through the interface provided on the shaver and plugged directly by the charger cable (this feature can be found on a shaver we have tested, the Braun 790cc shaver).

3. Noise

The shaver noise level has always been one of the items we tested, because when we use a shaver we keep it close to the ears, so if the shaver's working noise is too great, we feel uncomfortable. That's why we consider the noise value is also one of the factors that relate to users' comfort.

Start to get the data. Before starting the shaver, we get the ambient noise value: 37.5 dB

Then, start the shaver, and put the tester aside. This time the noise value is: 73.2 dB

Reference: Noise values below 60 are in harmless areas, 60-110 have mild interference, while 110 or more brings damage to the hearing. Hence, the noise value should generally be below 60 decibels for good. In normal life, if the noise value is too high, but the listening time is very short, it will not damage the hearing.

It seems Philips norelco shaver 1150x working noise value is not high, and under normal circumstances, the continuous use time of shaver will not exceed 5 minutes. It is within an acceptable range.

Evaluation summary


With nice shape, the blue shaver body front seems fashionable.

Shaving performance:

With three heads, and the original GyroFlex 2D technology, the shaver can deeply shave beard roots and closely fit the face curve. The three heads and the entire shaver head base, can be tilted slightly, so that you can easily shave beard from the parts that are difficult to shave.

Also, the position of the long beard trimmer allows you to trim the long beard more easily. If you often use a long beard trimmer, or if you want to trim the beard into a shape, this long beard trimmer is right for you.


In various aspects, the shaver has suitable weight and nice ergonomic design, so it is very comfortable to hold it on hand. And, there are soft plastic around the shaver body to make it not easy to slip.

Ease of use:


The shaver supports wet shaving and can be used in the shower, but it cannot be soaked in water.

Battery performance is good; fast charging is available.


Because the shaver body is not waterproof, so to clean the shaver head, the head must be removed separately.
The use of the long beard trimmer is inconvenient.

Charging is available only through the charging base, as the shaver body does not provide an interface to connect through the charging cable.

In the ease of use, I can only say that this shaver is not doing well. I personally think that the designer in order to achieve a good shaving effect, sacrifices the ease of use. Also, the shaver provides only one charging method, which is not convenient enough.

Finally, to sum up in one sentence: this shaver has very powerful shaving effect, but in terms of ease of use, it is not doing well.

Recommended users:

People who have high requirement on shaving effect, and do not care about the use of convenience
People who often use the long beard trimmer, or want to get a beard styling
People who plan to use the shaver at home

This shaver, although providing a travel lock function, in fact, is not suitable to bring aside for travel, because the bulge of its head base will make it easy to be crushed. If you want to bring it in the side, you must pull out the shaver head base, and in addition to the dedicated power supply, you also need to bring the charging base, otherwise there is no way to charge. Most people prefer to take the least things when traveling.

The evaluation for Philips norelco shaver 1150x is to stop here for the time being. We hope that the information provided is helpful to you.

The test of this shaver is not completely over yet. Our tester will also use it for a long time, and in the future, we will have long-term follow-up evaluation for this shaver from time to time. We will share with you as far as possible the most useful Information. You are welcome to come back later to see the latest chasing evaluation information.
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