[2016-12-06] (III) About Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Ease of Use Report, Automatic Cleaning System Display, and Final Evaluation Summary

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In the first two articles, the ES-LA93-K shaver has been given a detailed description and test. If you ever read these two articles, I believe you have better understood the shaving function of this shaver. if you have not read or forgotten some of the details, you can read the first two articles via the following links:

1. (I) Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Details, Including the Display and Introduction of Cutter Head Details, Various Shaver Body Parts, and All Products Accessories.

2. (II) Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Real Shaving Evaluation on Shaving Effect and Comfort.

Next, the ease of use of this shaver will be evaluated, and the evaluation will be finally summarized.

The evaluation items include:

1. Automatic cleaning system use evaluation
2. Battery capacity and charging speed
3. Obtain the operating noise value and the cutter head mesh foil temperature value
4. By combining the first two evaluation articles, do the final evaluation summary.

Automatic cleaning system experience

Since this shaver is equipped with an automatic cleaning system, I believe this shaver is more concerned about the user experience in the design.

Then let's take a look at how clean the automatic cleaning system can clean the shaver.

The cleaning device is rectangular, not very wide, but relatively long, but because the shape is relatively close to the rectangle, so it is easy to find a place to place this cleaning device.

The external power connector is on the bottom side

The cleaning box can be installed at the bottom.

Open the cleaning box, and find no liquid but a sponge; you can smell alcohol, so the sponge should be used for disinfection; the sponge divides the cleaning box into upper and lower layers, and the beard slag will be intercepted in the upper layer, while the water will flow to the lower; finally with the motor, the water is pumped back to the water tank.

The hole in the middle of the bottom is the water hole (marked with a blue circle). The water used for cleaning shaver will flow from the hole into the cleaning box. The white one is the water inlet hole (marked with red circle). The water filtered through the cleaning box will flow from the hole into the water storage tank on the back.

The water tank on the back can be removed. Disassemble the water tank, open the black lid on the top and fill with water.

When filling with water, do not exceed the indicator line on the back.

There are three holes on the water tank. One is the inlet hole, water filtered from the cleaning box will flow from the hole into the water storage tank; the other is the water outlet hole, through which the water in water tank will be pumped to clean the shaver, and then flow into the cleaning box. And the last one is a vent; since a negative pressure is created inside the water tank when pumping, a vent is required to maintain the same pressure as the external atmospheric pressure.

It is also easy to use, with only a button. After placing the shaver into it, simply press "SELECT" to select the startup mode.

Well, here is the beard residue inside the shaver cutter head. Let’s look at the cleaning effect.

Start the cleaning system, the LCD display on the shaver body will display relevant data. In fact, in the cleaning process, the shaver will also be charged.

We note that during cleaning, the cleaning system occasionally starts the shaver head. Maybe it tries to use the vibration to shake off residue.

The entire cleaning process takes about an hour, as the cleaning system not only cleans the shaver, but it also dries the shaver after the cleaning. If you only need the cleaning function, it will just take about 20 minutes to clean.

Open the cutter head, no more beard residue inside. It seems the cleaning is perfect. According to statistics, the cleaning system also uses acoustic wave technique; whether it really uses the acoustic wave technique, we have no way to test out. Who cares about whether the acoustic wave technique is utilized? We only care about the final result that whether the shaver can be cleaned.

Look at the cleaning box then. Beard residues have been intercepted here.

However, we carefully observed, there is still a small amount of small beard residues pumped to the water tank. Fortunately, the water in water tank can be easily changed, and do not need to buy, hah.

Although the cleaning takes some time, the cleaning effect is not bad.

Battery capacity and charge speed

Now the remaining power displayed on the shaver body is 20%.

Let's take a look at how much time it takes to consume 20% of the power. Turn on the shaver, and start timing.

About 12 minutes later, 20% of the power is spent, which means, in the case of full power, it can be used for a total of 60 minutes.

Next, we need to test how much time it takes to get fully charged. Now start charging, and let's see how long it takes.

After a total of 60 minutes, it is fully charged.

Running noise value and cutter head mesh foil temperature value

As the shaver is relatively close to the ear at use, if the shaver working noise is too large, you will feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, the shaver running noise has been one of our test items.

Before starting the shaver, obtain the noise level of the test environment: 36.7 dB

Turn on the shaver with a noise level of: 79.7 dB

Reference: The noise value below 60 is of harmless areas, 60-110 is of mild interference, 110 or more brings damage to the hearing. So the noise value should generally be below 60 decibels for good. In normal life, if the noise value is too high, but the listening time is very short, it will not damage the hearing.

It appears that this shaver has big noise when running. In fact, before the test, we had expected that. After all, this shaver has two motors, and each motor rotation speed is up to 14,000 per minute; meanwhile, it has 4 cutter heads. Perhaps this is the price paid in order to achieve a powerful shaving effect.

Then test the temperature at run time.

This is the temperature value obtained before the shaver runs: 25.8 °C

After 10 minutes of continuous operation, the resulting temperature value is: 30.3 °C

During the actual use, due to the human body temperature, the temperature will be higher than this. However, according to our experience, the temperature is high, but is still in the acceptable range. If wet shaving is performed, the temperature can be ignored then, because the water will take away most of the heat.

Evaluation summary

Both the shaver and the cleaning system are black, so it looks more calm, but the design is very fashionable.

The LCD display in the front of the shaver is well designed to display many aspects of information, and it is very easy to use. It has a small feature that can show the time used in each shaving, which I think is a humane design. When you have no any watch around, it can temporarily serve as a timer.

With two high-speed rotating motors and four heads that can move independently in different directions, as well as a base that can be tilted up and down, the shaving effect is very good, which is expected. However, the heat is large a little bit, and in our test process, as there is no use of wet shaving, the skin turns a little red; it does not perform as what the official claims to protect the skin; perhaps wet shaving can solve this problem. Fortunately, ES-LA93-K can be used in the bath, which means that you can use it in a humid environment, so that you can ignore the heat problem.

In addition, the long beard trimmer of the shaver can accurately trim the beard, but because it locates in the back of the cutter head base, in the actual use, most of the line of sight are blocked, which is inconvenient to use.

ES-LA93-K automatic cleaning effect is also good, and it can clean a lot of beard residue on the shaver blade. In addition, the cleaning box is mainly used to filter the beard residue; you can use clean water as the clean liquid, so in the using cost, I think it is more economical than Braun 790cc shaver.

In the time of continuous use, ES-LA93-K provides a large capacity battery, but the power consumption speed is also a bit fast. Luckily, the fast charging function can charge a lot of power in a short time, so there is no need of worry.

Although the bottom of the shaver has a charging interface which allows charging with dedicated power supply, and a leather bag is equipped, I don’t think this shaver is suitable to take out, or take for a trip, because its power consumption is a little bit fast.

ES-LA93-K is a Panasonic high-end electric shaver, at too expensive price. In our test referring to various aspects, the shaver performs well to reach the level of what a high-level shaver should have.

In general, the ES-LA93-K is a shaver suitable for home use, and it is suitable for people who have many beards on face. In the use of comfort and the use of convenience, it has both advantages and disadvantages. If 5 stars is a standard of perfect, our evaluation for this shaver is: 4 stars.

Our evaluation on this shaver is also temporarily ended here. Sometime later, we will continue to track the use of this shaver. If you are interested in this shaver, you can bookmark our page and look back later.

Finally, as this shaver has very similar functions to the Braun 790CC shaver, and the prices are also very similar, as hot products, we also specifically make a detailed comparison on these two shavers in various aspects; you can click here to read: "Advanced Shavers Contest: Panasonic Shaver ES-LA93-K VS Braun Shaver 790CC Review".
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