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In the previous article, we give a detailed static description of Philips norelco shaver 6948xl, including the shaver body appearance, cutter head detail and exterior accessories, etc. In this article, we will have a test on 6948xl product performance by using real shaving for evaluation. We will share with you the shaving effect and using experience of this shaver.

Philips norelco shaver 6948xl Review Articles:

1. Static evaluation: "(I) Philips Norelco Shaver 6948xl - Static Detailed Description, Display and Explanation of Some Major Parts of the Product".

2. Applying real shaving for evaluation, and focusing on shaving effect and the use comfort: "(Ⅱ) Philips Norelco Shaver 6948xl - Real shaving Tests and Using Experience".

3. Product ease of use evaluation, and the evaluation summary, including: whether the shaver is easy to clean, noise during shaving, battery performance, and the experience summary regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the product, as well as its suitable crowd: "(Ⅲ) Philips Norelco Shaver 6948xl - Ease of Use Evaluation, and Evaluation Summary".

This article includes the following two parts:

1. Live shaving effect show
2. Shaving experience evaluation

1. Philips norelco shaver 6948xl shave test

The tester deliberately kept his beard for a few days. Here is how the beard looks like before shaving:

For contrast, only the beard on the right side will be shaved in this test, while the left side will be kept.

From right to left, the shaver slowly slides past the beard. The following shows the first shaving effect.

As it shows, there are still a lot of beard residues. Well, let’s have a few more shaving.

The second shaving effect:

There is less remaining beard, but it is still there a little bit obviously.

The third shaving effect:

It looks good, and most of the beard has been cleared.

Finally, we shave back and forth a few more times, to see the effect after shaving.

Haha, looks good. The beard has been cleared completely. Overall, it is relatively clean; even the black beard roots have been shaved off.

Next, we continue to test the long beard trimmer.

We will also trim half of the beard only for contrast.

This is how it looks like before trimming.

Start trimming

This is how it looks after the long beard on the right side was trimmed.

I think the trimming function is pretty good, as it can cut very short the long beard, so that the short beard will be shaved cleanly then.

This is the overall effect after shaving.

The front

The side

The chin at the bottom

2. Philips norelco shaver 6948xl experience summary

First, the shaving effect:

The shaving result is quite satisfactory. Although this shaver cannot shave as quickly as other advanced shaver, it can also shave very cleanly if you are willing to take the time with patience.

It is particularly worth mentioning that, its unique head structure design allows the three heads to be tilted in different directions so as to get closer to the skin. When shaving my chin beard, the three cutter heads form an obliquity and are well close to my chin. It feels like my chin is wrapped fully into a container so the chin beard can be removed very cleanly. Philips norelco shaver 6948xl does very well in cleaning chin beard.

You may know it thru the GIF image below.

Then, let's talk about the comfort during the shaving process:

I think this shaver in terms of use comfort is the same as other ordinary shavers, showing no advantage. All of the shavers have some common problems, for example:

Due to continuous long-running operation, it causes heat to the skin;
If you use it too long, the skin will get red.

In addition, since the handle uses hard plastic, do no place it on the smooth surface with inclination in use, so as to avoid breaking. But fortunately, it has a good ergonomic design, and each finger can naturally grip the shaver so that the shaver is not easy to slide down from my hand.

Although the three heads of the shaver have very high rotating speed, the vibration is very small. No numbness can be felt at all in my hand. This is well done.

In a word for Philips norelco shaver 6948xl: good shaving function, general comfort.

In addition, we have Philips norelco shaver 6948xl Part III evaluation: about the noise, ease of cleaning, battery performance measurements. If you're interested, you can click to view: (Ⅲ) Philips Norelco Shaver 6948xl - Ease of Use Evaluation, and Evaluation Summary
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