[2017-04-26] Smoking in Healthier Way - IYQ Glass CIGALIKE One Hitter with Case, Cleaning Rod, and End Cap with Screen

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A lot of smokers who are considering switching are still dead set on finding a cigalike type device. What can be recommended? Well, many people today are concerned about the health effects of smoking cigarettes. Others are tired of being harassed by nonsmokers or having their smoking limited to a few designated areas. If you no longer want to deal with these issues but do not want to quit, consider Cigalikes. A cigalike is an e-cigarette which is designed to mimic the look and feel of a regular cigarette. This easy-to-use electronic cigarette is lightweight and small. Its design is similar to a traditional cigarette. When it is activated its tip lights up, and its filter pattern looks real.

CIGALIKE One Hitter with Case, Cleaning Rod, and End Cap with Screen (Green)

The CIGALIKE manufactured by IYQ Glass is designed to be used with all contemporary smokeless tobacco cessation systems. It is handmade in the United States from Heavy-Wall Pyrex glass. With the product, you can set the standard for traditional utility of a single puff method. In the product package, CIGALIKE, Case, Cleaning Rod, End Cap with Screen are included. While they function as well as standard electronic cigarettes, most include a battery and a cartomizer. As Cigalikes are compact in size, the lower-capacity batteries require recharging more often than other electronic cigarettes. As less e-liquid can be stored in a Cigalike, it also must be refilled more often. Cigalikes are available in both disposable and refillable styles. They can be an excellent introduction to vaping, or you may decide Cigalikes to meet your needs.

Each "CIGALIKE" comes with a protective case available in Black, Green, Red, White, Pink, and Sky Blue. A cleaning rod and mouthpiece with end cap and screen are on board inside the case. The "CIGALIKE" was developed with the intention of being used solely for utility of contemporary tobacco cessation and is protected by U.S. PATENT # 6,148,826. CIGALIKEs have a similar size, shape and weight. They’re often referred to as ‘super-minis’ as well. They often feature automatic batteries, meaning you activate the device simply by drawing in. They tend to have a smaller capacity, both for e-juice and battery life, so they necessitate frequent recharges and multiple cartridges. Some dislike the concept of the cigalike. After all, vaping is not simply a smoking replacement. It’s an alternative, and has its own culture. That said, leaving ‘analog’ cigarettes behind can be really tricky. It’s not just about the nicotine, it’s about the ritual.

CIGALIKE One Hitter with Case, Cleaning Rod, and End Cap with Screen (Green)

While there is no form of smoking or vaping that is entirely free of health risks, some studies have shown there can be health benefits to giving up tobacco products in favor of electronic cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is inconvenient for a number of reasons. If you are still using traditional cigarettes, you know it is becoming more and more difficult to find places where you can legally smoke. As the laws do not apply to smoke-free e-cigs, you are free to enjoy your Cigalikes almost anywhere. Anyone who has smoked traditional cigarettes for a long period of time knows it is not a clean habit. The odor from smoke is on their clothes and furniture, and the air in their homes is unhealthy. There are cigarette burns on the furniture, and ashtrays that need to be emptied. In contrast, an electronic cigarette is a clean habit. Even the neatest person will find nothing to object to when you use Cigalikes. They are smoke-free, odor-free, and produce no ashes. A Cigalike is the responsible choice. There is no second-hand smoke to affect anyone’s health.

More and more people are deciding that smoking traditional tobacco products is harmful to their health, other people’s health, and the environment. This does not mean you must give up something you enjoy.

CIGALIKE One Hitter with Case, Cleaning Rod, and End Cap with Screen (Green)
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