[2017-07-04] Star Trek The Next Generation: Full Size Horga'hn Statue - Prop Replica Statue Risa Fertility Idol

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In the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, fans were introduced to the planet Risa, a tropical resort paradise whose native population was known for their open sexuality. As Jean-Luc Picard left for a "Captain's Holiday," Commander Riker requested the captain bring him back a Horga'hn, saying it would be easy to find one for purchase. Of course, Riker knew the significance of the idol, but Picard did not. Both the captain and the viewers watching the episode discovered at the same time the true meaning of this statue. Captain Picard was not amused, but delighted fans were now hooked on the Horga'hn. Now you can have a Horga'hn of your very own and announce to the world that you are seeking jamaharon! Nows your chance to own a 1:1 scale replica as seen in Star Trek TNG.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Full Size Horga'hn Statue

Risian Horga'hn Statuette; a 1st generation casting off a production made piece. Made of white resin, it was painted to look like wood by me with gold tape added. It stands 11.5" tall.
"A horga'hn is a statuette that symbolized fertility on Risa. It came in many sizes, from small carvings to statues to a hotel with a giant horga'hn built into it. It was believed that to own one was to call forth its powers. Displaying one publicly indicated that one was seeking jamaharon, a mysterious and pleasurable sexual practice native to that world."
This prop first appeared in the third season, nineteenth episode of TNG: "Captain's Holiday.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Full Size Horga'hn Statue

I have been looking for an affordable Horga'hn for years. I was thrilled to find this one. It's great. I love it very much. It is what I expected. I have showed it to other they they are excited to see such a rare prop. Having a mysterious statue in the corner can’t possibly be good, that is unless it’s as handy as this one. This particular polyurethane copy from Star Trek may help you achieve jamaharon. The Horga’hn fertility statue could help your dates go a little better once it’s time to wind down and head to one place or the other. You can purchase it for $500 through Entertainment Earth. Right now you can only pre-order these, but they’ll become available in October of this year.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Full Size Horga'hn Statue
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