[2017-06-10] Stoody 85TG Spray Torch Powder 5 Lb Bottle 11020900 with Outstanding Resistance

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Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted (or heated) materials are sprayed onto a surface. The "feedstock" (coating precursor) is heated by electrical (plasma or arc) or chemical means (combustion flame).
A typical thermal spray system consists of the following:
Spray torch (or spray gun) – the core device performing the melting and acceleration of the particles to be deposited
Feeder – for supplying the powder, wire or liquid to the torch through tubes.
Media supply – gases or liquids for the generation of the flame or plasma jet, gases for carrying the powder, etc.
Robot – for manipulating the torch or the substrates to be coated
Power supply – often standalone for the torch
Control console(s) – either integrated or individual for all of the above

Stoody 85TG Spray Torch Powder 5 Lb Bottle 11020900

Stoody 85TG Spray Torch Powder 5 Lb Bottle Part # 11020900Stoodys torch grade spray powders are specifically designed for enhanced wetting characteristics in hand-held torch applications. These hardfacing powers cover a broad range of wear resistance needs. Stoody Spray Torch Powder Features: A nickel-base tungsten carbide powder. Micro-structures exhibit dense deposits of undissolved tungsten carbides embedded in high strength matrix. This material provides excellent wear resistance and is ideal for such applications as tillage tools, small mill hammers, bits, and augers, etc. Stoody 85 T.g. is not recommended for metal to metal mating parts. Stoody Spray Torch Powder Specifications: C - 2.2SI - 2.5CR - 8.3B - 1.7WC - 43.00Fe - 2.6Ni. – Balance. Normal Hardness: 64 Rc Matrix.

Stoody 85TG Spray Torch Powder 5 Lb Bottle 11020900

As introduced above, the powder is introduced from the hopper to the Oxy-acetylene gas, ejected onto the workpiece & melted by atomic diffusion. This product can be a good choice with the following outstanding features: A nickel-base alloy with outstanding resistance to abrasion, corrosion and high heat: impact resistance is good. Low coefficient of friction, Used for pump components, shaft sleeves, thrust collars, guides, bushings. Finish by grinding.

Stoody 85TG Spray Torch Powder 5 Lb Bottle 11020900
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