[2017-07-23] Stylish and Functional ICU Eyewear Dr. Dean Edell Slim Vision with Affordable Price

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ICU Eyewear Dr. Dean Edell Slim Vision is to be introduced here for people who want to have a pair of stylish and fashionable sun glasses. DR. DEAN EDELL is a trademark and brand of ICU EYEWEAR. And the it is manufactured by Fisherman Eyewear: Over 40 years ago Fisherman Eyewear was the first sunglass company to introduce Polarized sunglasses to the angling world – along with a reasonable price. It was an innovation that would change the way we look at fish forever. Today, we continue to tap into Fisherman Eyewear’s rich heritage of building durable, technically functional and supremely stylish sunglasses – still at an affordable price.

ICU Eyewear Dr. Dean Edell Slim Vision

ICU Eyewear Dr. Dean Edell Slim Vision has nearly indestructible frame and magnifier lens. It is great for seeing small objects, tying knots, reading fine print, with Ultra Light-Weight for Maximum Comfort and Fit. This Patented Reader can be seen on Television and in Boardrooms, as well as on Business Travelers Worldwide. Zoom Eyewear features fun, colorful readers for every occasion, offering exciting alternatives to traditional reading glasses. This slim, ultra-light reader is the most convenient and durable on the market. All Zoom readers offer lenses that are both impact and scratch resistant for increased durability.

ICU Eyewear Dr. Dean Edell Slim Vision

These are really great glasses they are a bit hard to fine I have them laying everywhere. Very functional, lightweight, capable reading glasses at attractive pricing ($10). Fits very comfortably and flips up and holds on your head exceptionally well. I've been buying and happily using these Slim Vision Readers for 4+ years.

ICU Eyewear Dr. Dean Edell Slim Vision
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