[2017-05-04] The Grrreat Wall Pet Corral – A Good Paradise for Your Pet!

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Many people keep pets nowadays as pets have become a good friend or even a family member due to their lovely and loyal companion. People would like to spend more time to stay with their pets. However, in order to have a clean and safe place as a playground for the pets, and to protect your furniture or surroundings from being bitten by the pets, a special pet corral is needed. The Grrreat Wall Pet Corral is a good paradise for your pet and let’s learn more about this product.

The Grrreat Wall

The new 24" tall Great Wall provides about 20 square feet of play area or non-play area depending upon your need. You can make any shape you want! Unlike the traditional X-pens there are no bars for your small pet to climb up, the product here is a perfect playpen for small animals. It easily rolls up to a diameter of 8 inches for storage or transport when you don’t need it. Especially for owners of Rabbits, Ferrets, Prairie Dogs, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Small Dogs, Puppies, and Kittens, it's the perfect playtime helper. A good feature is that it is light enough weighing only 9 lbs. It works just like The Original Pet Corral and Grrreat Wall. ONLY TALLER! "THE GRRREAT WALL" is GREAT for keeping your furniture in tact! Whether you corral your pet, or fence off your furniture, this product can be an invaluable helper for you and your animal! It is possible to connect 2 together for even more shape options and sizes. It's rigid enough to stand up on its edge, but the Grrreat Wall is also completely flexible so, animals can’t get enough of a grip on it to lift it up and get under it. This is also fine for puppies and litters, as a training aid for adult dogs.

The Grrreat Wall

The Grrreat Wall is an indoor/outdoor expandable play pen that provides a safe, contained area for your pet to have supervised playtime and exercise. It is simply amazing! It is heavy plastic that doesn't fall down even if you try pushing it. It is heavy enough it seals to the ground, even uneven ground, so you don't have to worry about your pets being able to "dig" under it and get out that way. It is an amazing playpen and I am for sure going to be getting a second one, so I can make even more space for them to play in. I now realize, even if I had paid retail it would have been worth it. We set this up at least once a week. Sometimes we let the pets stay in it overnight. Occasionally we will put their cage in it with the top off. We call it the rodent rodeo. We put down snacks, tubes, numerous old towels/blankets (to protect our living room rug where we set it up) and extra toys, etc. They absolutely love it. It gives them a great place to play, a chance to get out of their regular surrounding, and tons of freedom. Again, this is an amazing product.

The Grrreat Wall
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