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We often see the clothes matching with a lot of black, white, gray and other colors. Black, white and gray are colorless, so they do not have a big problem to co-ordinate with what kind of color. But what about the clothes mix the color? In this case, we have summed up some rules as following.

1. Deep shirt matches with shallow trousers shows: dignified, generous, calm and serious

2. Shallow shirt matches with depth trousers shows: bright, lively, cheerful, confident

3. If you want to highlight the jacket, the coats should be brighter than the pants

4. If you want to highlight the pants, the pants should be brighter than the coats

5. The green color is difficult to co-ordinate other colors. So it is good to match with coffee color in the dress.

6. Dress with the horizontal pattern shirt, it is not good to wear trousers with vertical stripes or lattice pattern.

7. Coat with vertical stripes flowers can’t trousers should avoid horizontal stripes or lattice.

8. A mottled coat could match with single color pants

9. The mottled pants could match with single color jackets

10. If the coat has big or complicated flowers, the pants should match with pure color.

Basic principles of general coordination

1. A patterned coat do not match with the same patterned jacket and tie.

2. Stripes or patterns coat should match with plain trousers

3. The color of the shoes should be coordinated with the color of the clothes

4. The two sets of dress including inside and outside dresses. the colors should the same or contrasted, this coordination will look more attractive.
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