[2016-11-03] This Can Remove Dead Skin on Lips, and We Eat It Almost Every Day

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White sugar, is essential for making bread, cakes and a variety of desserts. It can also remove dead skin, and especially for the dead skin on lips, sugar is safer and more effective.

Every morning and every evening before going to sleep, first apply a hot towel on your lips for 3 to 5 minutes, and then gently brush the lips with a soft brush to remove the dead skin. Here it is recommended that you use soft white sugar instead of the soft brush, and rub back and forth on the lips until the sugar is completely melted.

After removing the dead skin, it is recommended to wipe a thin layer of eye cream, because eye cream has richer nutrients than lipstick, and it can also remove wrinkles. Then, massage your lips gently with your fingers to help improve blood circulation, so that the lips can obtain nutrients, increase nutrition, and allow moisturizers to quickly reach the subcutaneous tissue of lips. After a few massage, clean it with a paper; then coat with a layer of colorless lip balm, and your lips can become moist.

In addition, we must quit the habit of licking lips, since saliva staying in the lips can only bring short-term moisture. When the water on the lips evaporates, the moisture in the lips also evaporates and you will feel drier. If the lips are peeling, do not tear up the skin by hand. The best choice of Lip balm is the one containing vitamin E, calendula and chamomile extract ingredients. Some components of lipstick take away water, long-term make-up are also prone to cause peeling.
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