[2016-10-26] This is What Makes Your Sheets and Clothes Soft, Practical than Clothes Softener

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Sheets and cloths may be a little bit hard due to the use of chemical substances in the production process. In particular, the new sheet is very hard because it was washed by the pulp before going out of the factory to avoid easily wrinkling.

Vinegar, in treating stains, softening the water quality and enhancing the effect of ordinary clothing detergent, can be of extraordinary effectiveness. It is best to use distilled white vinegar when washing fabrics, but if you have only apple cider vinegar, the effect is equally good.

Using softener while washing clothes and adding 1/2 cup of vinegar at the last rinse, can make clothes softer.

New clothes
Some new clothes may be treated with chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. Soak the new clothes in mixture at the ratio about 8 liters of water and a cup of vinegar. First rinse, and then clean as usual. It will make clothes soft while removing chemical residues.

New sheets
Wash in hot water and use detergent of which 1/4 cup less than the usual quantity; add a cup of white vinegar in the rinse to wash off residual chemicals, and finally rinse again to ensure the cleanness; then dry the sheets in mild to moderate level, and take them out when drying out.

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