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[2016-07-21] Tim Duncan: Bastketabll Can't Attract Me Anymore - Tim Duncan Wanted to Retire Last Season

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After he announced his retirement on Monday, on 14th July, Tim Duncan accepted an interview with ViVid Streaming Radio. He said that he knew his retire was not far away on last season.
“Everything is no longer enjoyable and interesting for me.”Tim Duncan said, “When everything becomes boring, I will leave there.”

Duncan was asked about his decision to leave the NBA and said "I'm sure I'm retired.” He added that he can probably still play, but he wasn’t enjoying himself and not having as much fun last season.
When talking about Duncan’s retirement, he said: "people express their feelings in a variety of ways that I can't think of. I've received a lot of information, and I am really shocked. I didn't think that I am such important in people's minds."

When he was asked why he would take a pay cut to stay at San Antonio Spurs, Duncan said: "I take a pay cut in order to keep the team being competitive, so that we can win the championship, and nothing else ...... Money has never been important for me. I have never known how much money I had earned for many years. And I feel it is best that I am able to maintain this state of mind.
Speaking of his ranking in the NBA's greatest players, Tim Duncan said: "I do not care about rankings, just do it on my own way."

Duncan said he never needed the attention because it was just "something you do” and a way to "pay it forward" what everyone back home had given him.
Duncan spoke about how he approached his competitiveness in a different way, saying he wasn’t a "yeller or screamer,” but was always competitive since day one.

Some lighter moments included a story about Duncan making breakfast for his two children on the same day as a 2014 NBA Finals game against the Miami Heat.

Duncan simply said, "A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do.” He said his children are happy about his retirement, but sad about not seeing him play in another NBA game.

Another interesting tidbit was about Duncan inadvertently taking "the first selfie" in history in 1997.
After retiring Duncan chooses to watch the Discovery Channel instead of ESPN, but he saw an interview Popovich yesterday. "I do not want to watch ESPN. Luckily, I'm not dying, I'm just going to start a new life." He said.

Commenting on the development of his career, Tim Duncan said: "I have had this idea, but I can not plan for everything. This is so fantastic ...... I've never regretted for my career’s development.

As the interview came to a close, Duncan said he saw the emotional interview coach Gregg Popovich gave to the media on Tuesday saying, “I saw it and about lost it on that one.”

Duncan wrapped up by thanking Spurs fans for their support, saying they are some of the best in the NBA.
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