[2016-11-02] Toothpaste can also be used in this way – 10 samples of Anti-inflammatory with Toothpaste

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Toothpaste is a complex mixture, which contains menthol, clove oil and ginger oil, and it also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, blood stasis and other effects

1. The small size of the flesh wound, the wounds with toothpaste which is used for anti-inflammatory and hemostasis, bandaging as first aid.

2. When you are scalded, you can use a little toothpaste to apply the wound so that it can relieve pain and inflammation, prevent infection.

3. As you are stung y by bee or bitten by mosquito and feel itchy, you could use toothpaste to knead the wound for a while. This will immediately relieve the itching swelling.

4. If the hands and feet are cold, as long as the cold skin surface is not damaged, you could use gauze dipped in toothpaste friction and knead in redness area. this will help you invigorate the circulation of blood and remove silt.

5. Heat rash will appear on some people’s skin in summer. When you are taking a bath, you could scrub a little toothpaste on many parts of the heat rash. Then you should clean them with water. Repeat this process for several times. And the itching will be relieved.

6.For the people who have odor, you could use toothpaste to scrub the axillary so that it can reduce the odor.

7. Toothpaste can cure beriberi. A day after washing the feet, you could squeeze a little toothpaste onto the beriberi area and persist the processes for some time. The peeling, edema, itching phenomenon will disappear, then the beriberi could be cured at once.

8. If a man shaves his beard, he could toothpaste instead of soap. Because the toothpaste does not contain free alkali, this will not only be stimulation to the skin, and the toothpaste has rich foam and the smell is delightful. And you will feel cool and comfortable.

9. Skin ringworm will occur in summer. So you could use water to wash the ringworm and then dry skin, then use toothpaste to scrub the ringworm. It is very helpful to cure ringworm.

10. While headache and dizziness occurred during the journey, the toothpaste could be used in the temple because the toothpaste with menthol, clove oil can relieve pain.
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