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[2016-07-21] Uncovered Top Nine Funny World Records in the History – The Most Stupid Guinness World Records

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In order to create the Guinness World Records, some people could do whatever they could. In this post, let’s see what the top nine stupid World Records are in the human being’s history. And you will know how stupid they are as following.
1.The fastest man who unlock up the underwear from women

Guinness World Record was never a lack of strange, even perverted record. Unbuttoning underwear contest is probably one of the world records. The record is to see who can unlock up the most quantity of underwear buckles within 60 seconds, and the current world record in 1 minute, there are 69 unlocked underwear buckles. Rating standard is that you could unbutton the next buckle after a former underwear must be completely untied.
2.Human without sleep longest recording: continuous 40 days

28-year-old photographer Shelds Taylor, from Los Angeles, United States. In mid-September 2010, he did an extremely dangerous physical endurance challenge and created a world record which was 40 consecutive days without sleeping.

Taylor has not closed his eyes and slept for a while in consecutive 40 days. And he finished this challenge and made the continuous 40 days with sleep Guinness World Record. However, Since the headquarters of Guinness Book of World Records refused to approve the dangerous record-breaking challenge, so Taylor had called 10 his friends together as witnesses. These friends are divided into several shifts, 24 hours a day, in turn, to supervise Taylor. It is reported that Taylor’s body has a fever because of 40 consecutive days without sleep.

3.The fastest toilet

When Colin Firth was a YouTube user or a plumber, and maybe he mixed up his interest with the job. And this is produced the incurable idea. So he built the world's fastest toilet. Clearly, the toilet can be used and particularly fast.
This toilet with axle can start to run almost 90km/h. And it can be driven a long distance if it is not impressive in traffic.

4.Do not take a bath for the longest time in human history. The man have not taken a bath for 60 years

How long you can live without taking a bath, 80-year-old man Haji is in a village of Fars province in southern Iran. He does not take a shower in full 60 years, breaking world record which Indian man Singh does not take a bath in 38 years.

5.The longest kissing time in Guinness World Record: 50 hours and 5 minutes.

The game was held in Pattaya, Thailand. Total seven couples are involved. The winner was 31-year-old and 28-year-old Dawa Lennon and his girl friend. The continuous kissing time is much longer four hours than the longest kissing time world record of Bijinisi (the previous Guinness World Record is 46 hours 24 minutes) and, finally, they got $6500 diamond ring, cash and a five-star hotel vouchers and other incentives.

6.Snail climbs on the face

Fenkehele particularly likes snails. This eleven-years-old boy let almost 43 snails climb on his face in about ten seconds.
During the preparation, he used about 87 snails. Unfortunately, no one helped him testify at that moment.

7.One man kicks his head 134 times in one minutes

For most people, kicking their head sounds like a stupid thing, and it is not easy. It requires you to use excellent flexibility and stability. In just sixty seconds to kick yourself 134 times. That sounds impossible. That is why Puskar Nepal created such amazing world record.

8.Horse drags burning man

The Hungarian halappi roler kept the record which he was dragged by a horse far distance on the ground as the same time he was burning! In 2008, he was pulled out of the whole distance of 472 meters oin a field road. Finally, when halappi roler stood up, he was not injured.

9.The world's fattest man is still fattening

According to US media survey, in 2010, she had almost 273 kg, which is the fattest woman in the world record. But her desire is adding more than 200kg, so her daily intake will be about one hundred and twenty thousand calories. The intake is the amount of six times from doctor recommended. However, Saison actually think this is normal, and he is very healthy, weekly she will spend about $ 750 to buying snacks.
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