[2016-10-28] Vacuum cleaner special uses – What are the magical benefits of vacuum cleaner?

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In addition to household vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the floor, carpets, sofas, mattresses and other surface dust, what else it can do? At the beginning, let’s see how many specific functions of vacuum cleaner. Then, to learn how to solve problems in daily life with ease.

Stored items
As the seasons are changing, bedding, down clothing and other items are easy to be mold and breeding of worm because they take up so large storage space and the storage is improper. Most housewives get in troubles with these items. If you put them into custom plastic sealing bag and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air from the bag and then close it tightly, this can not only greatly save the storage space, but also is easy to avoid mildew.

Looking for small items
It is unavoidable that buttons, pills, caps, sewing needles and other small items will fall around your house. Fortunately, you could easily find them by using vacuum cleaner. Before you try this method, the suction pipe mouth of the vacuum cleaner should be wrapped with a thin layer of gauze. And then you could select the appropriate wind according to the size of the item. Next, the power is switched on. And use the straw mouth to move back and forth around the falling items in the department. Then, the falling items will be soon absorbed into the gauze.

Clean the electrical appliances dust
Vacuum cleaners can also be used to maintain the televisions, DVD players, computers, audio, air conditioning and other electrical appliances. And it can also clean the dust of electrical appliances inside and outside. While you are going to clean dust, at the beginning you need to pull out the electrical power plug. Then you should open and unload the electrical enclosures by following the instructions of the appliances. Next, you need to straw a suitable shape of vacuum cleaner into the interior so that it can clean up the dust inside the appliances. What’s more, you could use the hair dryer to remove the moisture. Finally, you should equip the shells of electrical appliances and restore them as normal.
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