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[2016-07-25] Watch Movies Online – How to Find and Watch Favorite Online Movies?

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Some of you are supposed to watch movies online free. But you don’t know how to find them. Actually, it is not clear enough to watch free online movies.

Do you want to know how to find your favorite movies online? I'm a supper movie lover with money to spend on my habit.

When digital, streaming movies first started to become available, though, I was a frustrated movie fans. A lot of movies were not available online. As recently by 2012, you couldn’t rent movies like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, The Fast and the Furious, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Saving Private Ryan, or Meet the Fockers online. Your choices were: buy the DVD or watch illegally for free movies online.

So you would like to watch movies online?

Most of those movies have since become rentable online, but movie fans are still frustrated by the industry's antiquated “windowing” system. After a movie is finished in the theaters, it slowly makes its way through the movie industry’s exclusive time “windows”: first to hotels; then to pay-per-view systems, to DVD, to HBO, and, only then, to online rental. It may appear and disappear after that. This will take a long time to watch online movies after the movies are on shown.

Furthermore, for some bizarre reason, certain movies aren’t always available on all services (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

Bottom line: If you want to rent a particular movie tonight, prepare to go on a hunt.

Slowly but surely, the MPAA is wising up. (The MPAA is the Motion Picture Association of America, the trade group that represents the six biggest Hollywood studios.) It has finally decided to encourage movie fans to rent and watch movies online — by creating a website that helps you find them. It’s called

Finding movies

In theory, WhereToWatch is exactly what the doctor ordered. You type in a movie name and press Enter —

— and you get to see which movie services offer it online:

In practice, though, there’s a reason why the site is labeled “beta”: It’s kind of a mess. Here are some of the problems when you are finding favorite movies in that site:

It can’t search Netflix, YouTube, or Google Play. WhereToWatch says that it knows what movies are available at Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Flixster, Vudu, Xbox Video, and a few more obscure sites. But it’s missing a few of the biggies, such as YouTube and Google Play.

In fact, when my long-suffering assistant Jan painstakingly conducted a sample search of 50 movies, WhereToWatch never produced any listings from Netflix, even though that’s supposed to be one of its sources.

If you didn’t know about that bug, you might wind up paying $4 each for movies that might have been free as part of your Netflix streaming subscription.

(The company says that it “pulls availabilities from providers who offer an API feed — WTW does not currently utilize other methods of acquiring availabilities.” OK then.)

The database has errors. If you feel like watching Inception, WhereToWatch would have you believe that you can’t get it on the iTunes Store:
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