[2017-06-20] Well Designed and constructed Bauer Mckenzie Xtreme MX6 Fly Reel Black

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Bauer Fly Reels MacKenzie Xtreme fly fishing reel delivers powerful performance in demanding fishing situations. It boasts a bladed star carbon-fiber disc drag system and is precision-machined in the USA of corrosion-resistant bar stock aluminum and stainless steel. All Bauer Fly Reels are designed to work in any environment. Their durability is unmatched and you can fish their products anywhere from the Madison River to the Seychelles.

Bauer Mckenzie Xtreme MX6 Fly Reel Black

The MacKenzie Xtreme is the ultimate in function and appearance. The reel uses a "draw-bar" system placing the star drag adjustment knob on the traditional frame side. The bladed star knob enables the angler to make quick one finger drag adjustments without changing rod hands or rolling the rod over to make an adjustment. Extensive porting of the frame and spool achieve a lighter package while retaining the strength needed for demanding saltwater situations. The MX has a Jet Black Mirror finish with optional spool finish colors. The MX is designed to handle long saltwater tapers or spey lines while maintaining sufficient backing capacity. Mackenzie Xtreme Features: Precision machined 100% aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel construction for maximum strength and corrosion protection; Three precision sealed stainless steel ball bearings; No plastic parts or bushings; Large diameter Cork/FXB polymer disc drag delivers a ultra smooth and low start-up inertia; Patented drag clutch with zero-backlash; Easy one finger, star drag adjustment; Silent retrieve with a crisp out-going click; Quick release spool; Simple retrieve direction conversion; Exposed palming rim for additional control; Deep anodized, Jet Black polished glossy finish; Fully ported frame and spool; Hardwood crank handle; The lightest reels in their class; Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.; Lifetime guarantee.

Bauer Mckenzie Xtreme MX6 Fly Reel Black

Designed and constructed in the United States - fished around the world, Bauer Fly Reels are precisely machined from aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel. Bauer fly reels and spare spools are engineered by some of the experienced and passionate folks in the fly fishing industry - trusted by anglers fishing in some of the most exotic angling destinations across the globe. Built upon the pillars of innovation and technology there sits the Bauer Fly Reel. More than a decade ago, John Bauer brought the large arbor fly reel to the stage and revolutionized fishing forever, and to this day his products continue to lead the way in fishing excellence.

Large Arbor Design: By increasing the width and diameter of fly reels such as Bauer has done, you achieve higher retrieval rates and optimum spool depth to width ratio which gives you a fly reel that is engineered to perfection. Carbon Fiber Drag System: Silky smooth performance year after year and in any environment. With a high quality drag system such as Bauer's, there is no maintenance required. Carbon Fiber drag systems function perfectly in fresh and saltwater environments, so you can take your Bauer fly reel anywhere you wish.
Clutch: An often overlooked aspect of fly fishing reel mechanics is the clutch. Bauer’s patented one-way clutch means the drag system engages very easily. This means that when you are fishing with light tippets for trout and hook a big fish, your tippet will not snap when you set the hook because of heavy tension on the line caused by a delayed engagement of the drag system. A precise clutch means everything from the hook on your fly to your drag system is connected and in perfect harmony.
Lightweight: Bauer's fly reels are manufactured to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength or durability. This is ideal in many situations, but specifically when you are pairing a reel with a lightweight modern fly rod.

Bauer Mckenzie Xtreme MX6 Fly Reel Black
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