[2017-06-16] Well Functional Navico NAIS-300 Class B Water Proof Enclosed Transceiver AIS Universal Black Box - GPS or Navigation System / Electronics Products

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The NAIS-300 is a Class B Transponder that's purpose is to transmit the position and other information about your vessel, to other AIS equipped vessels. It is housed in a rugged waterproof enclosure to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. The NAIS-300 uses a sophisticated automatic digital time sharing technology which enables the exchange of static information like; MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identifier) Number, Vessel's Name, Call Sign and Type. Also dynamic data like; Position, Course, Distance and more, from ship to ship, and from ship to shore based traffic stations. When connected to a compatible chart plotter, it will provide a representation of the position and movements of all AIS equipped vessels within VHF range. Improving traffic management in busy shipping lanes through exchanging information between vessels and shore based traffic stations. Reporting information automatically in shipping areas where it is mandatory. The advantages of the NAIS-300 are: Increased awareness of the current shipping situation within your VHF range through the exchange of data between vessels.

Navico NAIS-300 Class B Water Proof Enclosed Transceiver AIS Universal Black Box

This item is used and comes from a working environment. This item is in good shape and functions as it should. The new Simrad NAIS-300 Class B AIS (Automatic Identification System) black box transponder has been engineered to provide advanced AIS functionality to a new generation of Simrad multifunction displays. Boaters can enjoy the enhanced safety and situational awareness of AIS when navigating with the new Simrad NX40/NX45 multifunction displays, the new GB40 Glass Bridge system and the sophisticated GB60 Glass Bridge system for large yachts and professional vessels.

The NAIS-300 can also be easily integrated with compatible systems from other Navico brands (B&G, Northstar and Lowrance) via NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and SimNet – as well as with systems from other manufacturers. This new innovation allows a range of vessels to exchange position and other critical information with all other AIS-equipped vessels within range. Competitively priced for the leisure, fishing and small workboat markets, the NAIS-300 offers a range of important features, including water resistance to IP67 standards, LED status indicators, dual receive channels providing double the standard rate of position updates and easy set-up (for configuring vessel type, name, MMSI) using bundled PC application software.

Navico NAIS-300 Class B Water Proof Enclosed Transceiver AIS Universal Black Box

To ensure compatibility with future AIS and navigation system developments, the NAIS-300 can also have its software easily updated by an authorised Navico dealer. The NAIS-300 is an ideal solution for any boat owner with an existing multifunction display or integrated navigation system looking to easily and quickly add the safety benefits of AIS. Its black box design allows for straightforward installation in a locker or other concealed location, for a clean helm layout and trouble-free performance on a range of vessels. The launch of the Simrad NAIS-300 makes Navico the only manufacturer to offer Class B (receive and transmit) AIS solutions both as a black box add-on to any compatible multifunction display and as a standalone system with an integrated display (Simrad AI50).

Navico NAIS-300 Class B Water Proof Enclosed Transceiver AIS Universal Black Box
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