[2016-11-03] What are the uses of toothpaste – 16 uses for toothpaste (no-toxic toothpaste cleaning samples)

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Toothpaste is commonly used in daily life. By using that the toothpaste contains the friction particles, you can easily remove some of the dirt things which are difficult to be cleaned.

1. Clean up the stains of the tea or coffee in the cup, then scrub the coffee cup repeatedly. And it can be bright after a while.

2. After cleaning the fish, there is always difficult to remove the smell which is left over on the hands. So you need to wash hands with soap, then you should rub toothpaste repeatedly on hands. Next you need to wash your hands with water. After that, the smell is easy to be removed completely.

3. If electric iron is used for a long time, it will leave a layer of rust on the bottom. In this case, you could scrub a little toothpaste on the bottom of the electric iron, and then gently wipe it, the rust will be easily cleaned up.

4. Silverware is held in suspension for a long time. The surface will appear a layer of black oxide. So you need to use toothpaste to clean the black layer then the silverware will become the silver as well as a new one.

5. When the clothes touch animal grease, you should use some toothpaste to wipe the dirty parts of clothes for a few times. And then you need to wash clothes with water, and the grease can be cleaned effectively.

6. while you clean the shoes, you could put some toothpaste and shoe polish on the cleaning shoes, and the shoes will be brighter and clearer.

7. It is easy to leave rust and scale in the kitchen or bathroom. So you could apply toothpaste to scrub the rust and scale, and you will clean them up soon.

8.The mirror of flashlight becomes black after being used for a long time, you should use a small gauze which is full of toothpaste, then you can make it become bright as new.

9. Toothpaste can remove the surface scratches of watch. Scrub a little toothpaste on the watch’s surface, repeatedly wipe the surface with a soft cloth, then you can remove the fine lines with ease.

10. To remove the stains of wardrobe mirror, you are able to use a cloth with some toothpaste and then wipe it. The stains will be quickly removed.

11. If there is a little ink on the clothes, you could repeatedly rub the toothpaste and rinse the clothes. And the ink can be removed easily.

12.Use toothpaste to wipe the surface of stainless steel utensils, it can make it bright as new.

13. If there are naughty children at home, there will be graffiti on the carpet, walls, sofa or door without attention. As a child with a wax, as long as the wet cloth dipped in toothpaste wipe, will be able to remove graffiti. If a child uses a wax pen, you are able to remove the graffiti as you try to use toothpaste to wipe the graffiti with a wet cloth dipped in toothpaste.

14. When a stew often accidentally is spilled to dirty the cooking pot outside, you can rag soaked in hot water, wring cover in coke fouling on the stove, hold it for a while, and soon the dirt will soften up. Then, as long as you use the nylon washing cloth to dip in toothpaste to wipe dirt hard, and then wipe them with a clean cloth.

15. while you wash the grapes, you could grab a scissor to cut the pedicle and keep the intact particles. And you soaked the grapes in diluted saline to eliminate the effect of bacteria. Next you should clean the surface of grapes which are left a layer of white film. In this case, you can squeeze some toothpaste as well as place the grapes in the palm, and then lightly rub them off with water. After cleaning the grapes with water, they will be crystal clear, it is good to eat them.

16. You can wipe the leather bag with a clean dry cloth dipped in toothpaste so that it can be cleaning.
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