[2016-07-21] What Do You Think about Sex Female Robots - Do You Want to Have Sex with Robot Woman? The Survey Results Are Amazing!

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According to the Daily Mail newspaper reported that having sex with the robot sounds like science fiction movie scene. But the British authority statistics website VoucherCodesPro recently conducted a survey of 2816 people. 1/3 of the people are willing to date with the robot lady, 1/5 of people are willing to make love with robot woman. In the future, technology experts predict that by 2050, human has sex with female robots is more common than people make love together.

VoucherCodes Pro asks people who are involved in the investigation, what they will use the robot to do?
45% of people would like to use robots doing housework / Cooking. 38% of people use robots instead of their own work. 41% of people want to use robots for chatting. 21% of people would like to have sex with robots. And 12% of people prefer to use robots to take part in sports activities.

Among those who are willing to have sex with robots women, when they are asked why, 72% of people said that robot lady is better than human at having sex. And 28% of people think this is a new experience to make love with female robots. Ian Pearson predict who is a Futurologist predicts that by 2050 making love with robot woman is much more common than having sex between human. At the time, female robots will have artificial intelligence and their looks are basically the same as human beings.
Pearson said “People will take sex robot which is considered as similar as the luxury car. And they are willing to pay a lot of money to buy robot woman.” People will spend a lot of time to consider the look and function of sex robots. Obviously most people will buy what they think is attractive and even sexy robot, some people may purposely buy them.
“As the robot with higher intelligence, and even it can be an important member of the family. People will establish a strong emotional connection with the robot.” Pearson also said.
Some people will purchase robot women because they want to make love with them. Then other people will find that these female robots have extremely attractive sex ability. Thus, it is more and more common that making love with smart and sexy robot lady.

Online sex toy retailer Lovehoney owner Neal Slateford also believes that sex robot women will become the mainstream in the future. He said: "Technology is always in development, most people can not afford the sex robot lay, which price is about $ 7777. But the price will definitely go down, we will begin selling the robot in popularity around three years. They will be great products. It also allows you to enjoy the sex life, and your wife will not divorce with you since it is the safest way.”
Many people also see the benefit of sex robot. Behavioral Therapist Nicolas Aujula considers that Sex robot women who can help sexual fetishism explore extreme sexual fantasies. This will be helpful in combating sexual offenses. Nicolas Aujula said “In the next few years, the sex robot lady will be used to provide a safe and prudent manner to explore sex. So that will meet the large extreme fetishism request in a more creative way. In addition, the robot can also reduce sex rape, unwanted pregnancy, the spread of AIDS, etc.

However, not everyone agrees that sex female robot is a good idea. Sex robot will cause people losing sympathy. Some users also will worry about the sex relationship between robots and human "as an interchangeable behavior."

But sex robot woman is becoming a trend, and will continue the fast development in the technology industry. Many futurists predict that humans will form a sexual relationship with robots lady, many companies are developing similar female robots. San Francisco RealDoll now sells quite lifelike sex doll, also recently put artificial intelligence into sex robot lady, and give the sex robot with personality which can be customized, and sex robot women could make romantic dialogue with host.

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