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[2016-07-27] Why You Should Update IOS 10 (the Latest IOS Version) – Top 3 IOS 10 New Features for IPhone 6s and iPad

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Do you know the latest features of IOS 10?
How about ISO 10 from Apple?
iOS 10 is one of the largest updates to the operating system to date.
The iOS has been upgraded from the bottom up, but these are the three biggest innovations.

1. Messages becomes more various for settings.

IOS’s Messages has never been a very fun app, but Apple might have just changed that with the most significant update to the software in years. First off, Messages now features intelligent responses through Siri. So if someone asks where you are, Siri will offer up a quick reply that lets you send your current location.

The addition of rich links to Messages now means that when you send someone a link to a YouTube video they can watch it within messages. And website links no longer look like a discombobulated string of numbers and letters; they actually appear as site previews.

The Messages app in iOS 10 has received some major updates.

Emojis have also gotten some love with iOS 10. Not only are they three times larger in your message transcript, but there’s also a new predictive emojis feature. Similar to predictive text in your iOS keyboard, predictive emojis will show up in the predictive text line when iOS 10 thinks you’ll want to add one to your message.

When you want to feel like one of the cool kids and send a message littered with emojis, you can type out your missive and tap the emoji button on the keyboard to see which words can be replaced with the tiny symbols.

You can also adjust the way your recipient gets messages using bubble effects. So if you want someone to know you’re speaking softly, you can make the Message bubble super small. Invisible ink, meanwhile, hides your message until your recipient slides over it with their finger.

Apple also added handwritten messages, Digital Touch options like your heartbeat or a sketch and full-screen effects — so you can do things like add confetti or fireworks effects to the entire Message screen.

Apple has also opened Messages to developers who can create their own sub-apps for the service such as payment apps, gifs or stickers.

2. Lock screen is more interactive.

Apple wants to change the way you interact with your iPhone’s lock screen by making it far more interactive. You might want to know, “Isn’t that the antithesis of a lock screen?”. However, no one cares, because Apple’s doing it anyway.

It starts with Apple’s new Rise to Wake feature, which turns on your iPhone’s screen whenever you lift it up. Motorola’s Moto X offered a similar function that showed you notifications and the time on a black and white screen to help save battery life. Apple’s solution lights up the entire screen, though — so I’m not sure how much this could impact your handset’s battery.

You can also interact with your notifications from the lock screen via 3D Touch — as long as you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus that is. For example, if you have a text message on the lock screen, you can long-press it using 3D Touch to send a reply without opening the Messages app. Similarly, if you call for an Uber and receive an update, you can long-press the notification to see where your ride is on a map.

Swiping up from the lock screen still pulls up the Control Center, but now if you swipe from the right to the left you’ll open the music player.

Swiping in from the right on the lock screen also opens the Camera app, which is a bit easier than swiping on the tiny camera icon in the corner of the iOS 9 lock screen. Swiping in from the left, meanwhile, pulls up your widgets screen.

3. Home of IOS 10’s devices

Apple’s new hub for all of your HomeKit-enabled devices. And you can see all of your devices no matter what company makes them from Home.

The app’s Scenes feature lets you take control of all of your connected devices at once to fit a specific setting. So if you tap Good night, for example, your blinds will close, the doors will lock and the lights will turn off or dim all at once. Siri can also take control of your Homekit devices.

IOS 10’s new lock screen notifications also offer home support, so if someone rings your connected doorbell, you’ll get a notification on your phone that lets you view its associated camera, use the intercom and unlock your door. Here’s hoping you never do any of that by accident.
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